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Cartomizer - 10 Pack

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Cartomizer - 10 Pack


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A Cartomizer is a pre-filled cartridge paired with a disposable atomizer. 7's Cartomizers are compatible with the rechargeable 7's Micro Batteries and are not refillable. When it no longer produces vapor simply replace with a fresh cartomizer.


  • (5) Pairs of 7's Cartomizers

About 7's Cartomizers:

Cartomizer Refills

Liquid Nicotine is housed, with special seals, at the tip of our 7’s Micro Cartomizers (pre-filled) and contain liquid Nicotine equivalent to approximately one pack of tobacco cigarettes. Each Cartomizer 2 Pack delivers up to 1000 puffs in a variety of SS Choice’s proprietary blends specially formulated to produce a great tasting flavor. Cartomizers are disposable - when depleted, simply toss the component and replace it with a new one!

Save Money

Save up to 50% over tobacco using the 7's Cartomizer system.

Two Piece Design

Our 2-Piece design couples our all-in-one 7's Micro Cartomizer and rechargeable 7's Battery, delivering a smooth, rich taste in a wide variety of great tasting flavors and Nicotine levels.

Easy to Refill

Cartomizers are an all-in-one liquid chamber and disposable atomizer, delivering fresh tasting vapor puffs each time you inhale. When the cartridge is depleted you simply replace this entire component with a new one sold in convenient 2-packs.

*Flavors other than Tobacco and Menthol are available in only HIGH (18mg) and NON (0mg) concentrations

The 7's Cartomizers utilize a 308 thread.
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Customer Reviews

  1. The best
    Tina Posted on 3/9/14
    Product Rating

    I had tried other E-cigs and found 7's is the closest to a real cigarette.

  2. Worth It
    Jessica Posted on 2/14/13
    Product Rating

    Great product, don't have to worry about changing flavors and getting residual flavor on my atomizer, its all in one!

  3. Great
    Eddie Posted on 1/9/13
    Product Rating

    Glad I started using

  4. Great
    Eddie Posted on 1/9/13
    Product Rating

    Glad I started using

  5. Best blueberry tasting e-cigarettes
    KellieDoll Posted on 11/26/12
    Product Rating

    I've tried lots of electronic cigarettes, and the blueberry rechargeable by this company is by far my favorite. It's sweet and light and lasts longer than most competitors.

  6. Still Satisfied!
    Kylee Posted on 11/21/12
    Product Rating

    This was the first refill I had to purchase after I bought the Power Kit (which lasted me over a month!) The delivery was on time, and the order came in correct. It didn't come in the nice packaging as pictured, but that's okay seeing as I still kept the old box from my first order (though it might be nice to be able to order a larger storage case as an accessory?).

    Overall I am VERY satisfied with My 7s, and I've been referring a bunch of my coworkers (who are also enjoying their disposables). I haven't purchased a pack of cigarettes since Oct 14th, which is great. I've been saving a ton of money.

    Oh and PS- Your customer service is AWESOME. Kelly Gardner helped me out big time when my refill order hit a snag.

  7. Cartomizers are better in taste :D
    Johnny Posted on 11/5/12
    Product Rating

    I think cartomizers taste more and better than the liquid drops.
    And i feel that the drops runs out faster than the cartomizers,hmm.
    Overall this is the best product of electronic cigarettes i have tried and i have tried lots of differrent websites.
    Buy 7's is my advise!!

  8. ahh breath of fresh air
    Curtis Posted on 9/22/12
    Product Rating

    these are awesome!!! they are alot easier then drops and seem to last alot longer to me. i think they taste better as well.

  9. Excellent
    Josh Posted on 4/11/12
    Product Rating

    Got these as a gift and the flavors are great!!!

  10. Great
    skt Posted on 4/6/12

    These are awesome. I bought this as a trial to decide if I wanted to order a Choice 7 starter bundle and I loved it. The shipping was very fast as well.

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