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Quick Overview

Each 7's disposable electronic cigarette lasts approximately 500 puffs or nearly 3 packs of cigarettes, depending on the user. Once you taste the 7's disposable e-cig and calculate your yearly savings, you will be ready to upgrade. Disposables are available in Tobacco, Menthol, Blueberry, Apple and Vanilla.


7's Disposable is a sleek one piece electronic cigarette that is equivalent to 2-3 packs of traditional cigarettes. If you are new to electronic cigarettes the 7's Disposable is a great place to start! It is available in Tobacco, Menthol, Blueberry, Vanilla and Apple and contains 18mg of nicotine. 7’s Disposables deliver Nicotine that is an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes with NO odor, NO ash, and NO second-hand smoke. Smokers now have the option of a disposable electronic cigarette that is convenient, easy-to-use, while providing a deserving cost savings over tobacco.

Save Money

7’s Disposables deliver Nicotine that is an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes with NO odor, NO ash, and NO second-hand smoke. Smokers now have the option of a disposable electronic cigarette that is convenient, easy-to-use, while providing a deserving cost savings over tobacco.

Unrivaled Performance

We have achieved the impossible with our new disposable (non-rechargeable) unit. Equal to about three (3) packs of tobacco cigarettes, consisting of a new one-piece design and containing approximately 500+ puffs per stick, it is truly an industry leader in performance and taste.

Unbelievable Flavor

Available in Tobacco, Menthol, Blueberry, Apple, and Vanilla, 7's offers you the best in on the go performance. Try it once and you will be convinced!

One Piece Design

7’s Disposables have an easy-to-use one-piece design. No refilling, no recharging - just open it and go! Constructed with the utmost precision and quality, this product will save money and offer up an alternative solution to your existing tobacco products.

Unique LED Colors

The LED tip on the 7's Disposable is an indicator letting the user know that the unit is active. Each tobacco and vanilla unit have white LED’s, the blueberry flavor has a coordinating blue light, the apple and menthol have green LED’s. Varied LED’s not only show the preferred flavor, but become a great conversation piece while preventing confusion from analog tobacco cigarettes.


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Customer Reviews

  1. New to e-cigs?
    Jessica Posted on 2/14/13
    Product Rating

    Interested in trying and e-cig but concerned about price or not sure its for you? Get a disposable, or a few to try out some intriguing flavors. Get the nicotine you love in delicious flavors without the nasty side effects and bi-products of smoking cigarettes. Also, save money ;) cheers

  2. Brilliant!
    Elly Posted on 2/11/13
    Product Rating

    These are amazing! Will definitely take some getting used to, but I liked my disposables so much that I purchased a His & Hers Two Kit! Tobacco, Apple and Vanilla are all really tasty... the throat hit is great, and I love that I can use these anywhere. The Vanilla one didn't seem to have as much vapour as the others, so I called customer service... EASIEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE EVER! They're sending a replacement, no questions asked. Definitely loving these!

  3. The Best
    Lisa Posted on 1/7/13
    Product Rating

    I've tried a couple of other Electronic Cigarettes and nothing compares to the taste of My7's!! I just received an Apple and Tobacco flavored disposable e-cig. today and they both taste great. Love the Apple!! This will really help with my quest to quit smoking!

  4. Best Alternative to regular cigarettes
    Brooke Posted on 12/21/12
    Product Rating

    I tried the disposable E-Cigarette for the first time and i really enjoy them. The smoke is thick enough to simulate real smoke, without all the chemicals. I really like that I can smoke these indoors and not have to go outside when it's really cold, AND no more smelly clothes !!! I'm ordering the blueberry becuase it has really good reviews and apple :)

  5. Tried others, Love this
    erica Posted on 10/23/12
    Product Rating

    I have tried Metro (Rechargeable), v2 (Disposable), cig20 (Disopsable) but these are the best so far for disposable and for rechargeable. I Absolutely love the vanilla. I have quite buying regular, clove, menthol ciggs and will only be smoking these from now on.

  6. Very Good, But Sometimes They Feel Too Big and Heavy.
    manuelgarciagiron Posted on 10/10/12
    Product Rating

    I think this disposable e cigs are really good. They last a long time, are affordable, have a really good flavor and very thick vapor. But sometimes they feel too big and heavy. Otherwise they they great. I have been smocking them for a year, now I am switching to Micro Cartomizers.

  7. The Best Disposable
    KellieDoll Posted on 10/3/12
    Product Rating

    Before I found 7s, I tried a multitude of electronic cigarette brands... and I always ended up rather disappointed. These other brands tasted terrible, or lasted one day (not the length of several cigarette packs as always claimed,) were very expensive, and their sites had terrible customer service.
    When I finally discovered 7s, I was blown away by the difference. i began with these disposables, and do they taste good? No. They taste FANTASTIC. Flavor-wise, if I had to pick a favorite, I suppose it would be blueberry (guys, these are heavenly) but the vanilla is wonderful, and the tobacco flavor is THE BEST TASTING DISPOSABLE TOBACCO FLAVORED E CIG ON THE MARKET.
    One more brilliant thing about this company. They have the fastest shipping of any e cig site on the internet. C'mon, what do you have to lose? Try one. You won't regret it!

  8. Excellent the best of the best
    Mlap58 Posted on 9/16/12
    Product Rating

    I will go nowhere else they last the longest and have the best tasting vapor. I am saving up for th hybrid kit bc I would like to try new vapors, I like blueberry and apple the best.

  9. Great Intro to e Cigarettes
    Sierra Posted on 4/17/12
    Product Rating

    I saw some of these at my local convenience store and I had been wanting to try out e cigarettes for a while beforehand. I snagged an apple one and loved it from first puff! I've had 3 now, including blueberry as well and I'm about to purchase my first kit. Apple is my favorite between the two flavors, tasting like candy and the blueberry is also delicious and reminiscent of a fresh muffin. I definitely recommend trying one if you're indecisive about committing to the real deal. I guarantee you'll love it.

  10. The best on the market! I won't buy/order from anywhere else.
    anonymous Posted on 1/4/12

    These are one of the best ways to try ecigs before investing in the full kits. Yes, you do have to inhale just a bit harder than a regular cigarette. However, it isn't that much of a difference in the experience. You get the throat feel. It is especially strong on the few 50 puffs or so. I prefer the "flavored" disposables, with blueberry being my favorite so far. Plus, you can't ignore the obvious advantage of being able to use them indoors. Each ecig is worth about 500 puffs, and each one usually ends up lasting me a couple of weeks at least. Heavier smokers may go through them more quickly.

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