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One Piece Design.

Convenience at it’s very best.

7’s Disposables have an easy-to-use one-piece design. No refilling, no recharging - just open it and go! Constructed with the utmost precision and quality, this product will save money and offer up an alternative solution to your existing tobacco products.

Disposables Specs

Packed Full of Nicotine.

Equal to 2-3 packs of cigarettes.

Each reservoir contains the equivalent of 2-3 packs of cigarettes worth of nicotine and one of our famous flavors in High (18mg) strength. We’ve packed in a full (1) mL of liquid to increase the life and performance of our 5th generation Disposables, allowing you mouthfuls of vapor with every drag down to the last puff!

Disposables Specs

Unique LED Colors.

Because we can.

The LED tip on the 7's Disposable is an indicator letting the user know that the unit is active. Each tobacco and vanilla unit have white LED’s, the blueberry flavor has a coordinating blue light, the apple and menthol have green LED’s. Varied LED’s not only show the preferred flavor, but become a great conversation piece while preventing confusion from analog tobacco cigarettes.

Disposables Specs
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