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E-Cig Anatomy

E-Cigarettes are a futuristic advance in science that look, feel, and taste like a tobacco cigarette and require the same mechanical motions. They expel an almost odorless water vapor that looks like smoke, but isn’t. The secret to what makes the E-Cigarettes better than traditional smoking is what’s inside this revolutionary product. At E-Cigarettes Choice, we offer two basic versions of the E-Cigarette: A 2 Piece Cartomizer System and a Hybrid System that can be used with Cartomizers or E-Liquids.

Two Piece Anatomy

A) Battery

The battery of our electronic cigarettes composes of a 3.7V Lithium-Ion technology that allows for a longer life and quick charging times.  They come in white and black colors and can be charged via a USB charger which is included in all 7's Kits.  Batteries take approximately 2 hours to charge (when fully empty) and lifetime varies per user as smoking habits are different.

B) Cartomizer

A Cartomizer is the quickest and easiest way to refill your electronic cigarette.  Cartomizers have 250% capacity of the cartridges in a 3 piece cigarette system, and produce twice as much vapor.  This comes from having a sealed unit where very little air escapes.  Cartomizers are not designed to be refilled, when one stops producing vapor, just remove the empty cartomizer and twist on another for more vapor!

Hybrid Anatomy

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