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Revolutionary Design.

Take it to the next level

The SS Choice 3-piece Patented 7’s Hybrid Vision is constructed in sturdy, hard wearing stainless steel with a matte-finish coating. Precision engineered with anti-leak seals that save you from the mess. The 7’s Hybrid is another one of SS Choice’s commitments to unsurpassed quality through meticulous manufacturing specifications that pass our 3 Step Quality Assurance program.

Hybrid Specs

Size Does Matter.

650 mAh of pure power.

SS Choice 7’s Hybrid Lithium-Ion Batteries are manufactured with 650 mAh of pure, sustainable rechargeable power. These batteries are one of the most reliable, longest-lasting batteries available.

Hybrid Specs

Easy to Refill.

High capacity.

The new 7's Hybrid Vision Kit provides visual feedback of your e-liquid level within the Vision Cartridge giving you an improved overall smoking experience. We’ve brought balance to the equation in regards to liquid capacity inside of a 7’s Hybrid Vision Blank Cartridge which can be conveniently re-filled with 7’s E-Liquids. The 7’s Hybrid Cartridges come polished off with a signature snap-on rubber mouth tip that provides comfort and plenty of airflow.

Hybrid Specs

Easy to Recharge.

USB port and indicator light.

The 7’s Hybrid End Cap conceals a USB rechargeable port to recharge the 7’s Hybrid Battery. The end cap also covers the indicator light, allowing for a stealth effect while smoking.

Hybrid Specs

Multiple Vaping Methods.


The included “cone adapter” ensures you are looking good if you ever have the need to utilize 7’s Cartomizers instead of 7’s E-Liquid. We’ve always got your back.

Hybrid Specs
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