Hybrid Power Battery

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Hybrid Lithium-Ion Battery


The New 7's Hybrid Power Battery with Manual switch, provides immediate power to the atomizer, when utilizing the activation button built directly into the battery which is illuminated by a white LED Ring. This battery also features a LCD screen illuminated by a white LED giving you charge level feedback along with a built-in puff counter. These Lithium-Ion Batteries are manufactured with 650mAh of pure, sustainable rechargeable power. These batteries are one of the most reliable, long-lasting batteries available. Designed with “Power Smart” protection circuits to prevent overcharging, the 7’s Hybrid Battery consistently delivers dependable power that is very easy to recharge.

Backlit LCD Screen

The on-board white back-lit LCD screen allows you to visually see when the battery is charging, the remaining charge, and total puff count.. The LCD displays the time remaining for a complete charge and also indicates how much charge is remaining while you are on the road, all with the touch of a button.

Smoke n' Charge

The built-in “Smoke n' Charge" feature allows you to smoke your Hybrid Vision while it is plugged in with the USB Cable. Never worry about running out of power. We think this should be standard on every electronic cigarette.

Power Smart Circuitries

Designed with “Power Smart” protection circuits to prevent overcharging. The 7's Hybrid Battery consistently delivers dependable power that is very easy to recharge. When the light turns off, it's ready. We have made sure to keep it simple.

Note: The Hybrid Power Batteries are not backwards compatible, with the 7’s Cartomizers product line.


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Note: To enable or to disable the battery, you can press the button 5 times to alternate between power on or power off modes. This safety features, allows you to prevent undesired activation of the battery when storing. Furthermore, you can reset the puff-counter by powering off the battery ( press button 5 times ) , and then holding down the button for 5-6 seconds, and then turning back on ( press button 5 times. )

The 7's Hybrid Power Battery utilizes the eGo external threads and 510 internal threads.
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