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Micro Cartomizers (2 Pack)

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Micro Cartomizers (2 Pack)


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Quick Overview

This is an easy and low cost way to try the variety of flavors that 7's Electronic Cigarettes offer.

A Cartomizer is a pre-filled cartridge paired with a disposable atomizer. 7's Cartomizers are compatible with the rechargeable 7's Micro Batteries and are not refillable. When it no longer produces vapor simply replace with a fresh cartomizer.


  • (1) Pair of 7's Cartomizers

About 7's Cartomizers:

Cartomizer Refills

Liquid Nicotine is housed, with special seals, at the tip of our 7’s Micro Cartomizers (pre-filled) and contain liquid Nicotine equivalent to approximately one pack of tobacco cigarettes. Each Cartomizer 2 Pack delivers up to 1000 puffs in a variety of SS Choice’s proprietary blends specially formulated to produce a great tasting flavor. Cartomizers are disposable - when depleted, simply toss the component and replace it with a new one!

Save Money

Save up to 50% over tobacco using the 7's Cartomizer system.

Two Piece Design

Our 2-Piece design couples our all-in-one 7's Micro Cartomizer and rechargeable 7's Battery, delivering a smooth, rich taste in a wide variety of great tasting flavors and Nicotine levels.

Easy to Refill

Cartomizers are an all-in-one liquid chamber and disposable atomizer, delivering fresh tasting vapor puffs each time you inhale. When the cartridge is depleted you simply replace this entire component with a new one sold in convenient 2-packs.

*Flavors other than Tobacco and Menthol are available in only HIGH (18mg) and NON (0mg) concentrations

The 7's Cartomizers utilize a 308 thread.
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Customer Reviews

  1. Great Taste Testers
    Jessica Posted on 2/14/13
    Product Rating

    Great for those who have the hybrid cigarette. This way you can taste a flavor before purchasing the liquid.

  2. The flavors are wonderful, but.....the strength options are limited.
    Kathryn Posted on 2/6/13
    Product Rating

    Have gone three weeks now with no burning tobacco, and I made it through the spot I always fail.....ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION. Have smoked over 30 years, and quit several times, only to start again when at a bar or when drinking. Just made it through a long day of partying for the Super Bowl, and I am still good! I prefer the menthol and blueberry flavors, but only the menthol and tobacco ones will allow me to "step down" my nicotine intake (which is my plan!). PLEASE add low and medium to the high and none options for the other flavors soon!

  3. Vanilla
    Katy Posted on 11/15/12
    Product Rating

    My husband has not liked ANY of the flavored ones i have gotten, but he LOVES these. he is making me share my 2 pack with him. 2 thumbs up for flavor and that the flavor lasts all the way thru the life of the Cartomizer!

  4. Cherry Return
    Katy Posted on 11/14/12
    Product Rating

    Not happy with the first cherry ones I ordered. They had no flavor. At sirst I was told I had to pay to ship them back but after speaking to a manager they sent me a posted page envelope. So I was VERY pleased with that! Thank you 7's! Going on week 3!!

  5. Love these
    Katy Posted on 11/6/12
    Product Rating

    Bought them at the local tobacco shop and the NO nicotine are my favorite. will always order online now that i notice the price difference!

  6. Blueberry
    Katy Posted on 11/5/12
    Product Rating

    I LOVE the blueberry ones with NO nicotine. Just ordered a cherry. Hopefully I like that too!

  7. Love the flavors!
    Kylee Posted on 10/24/12
    Product Rating

    I just 5 of these two-packs today, to supplement my new power kit. I sampled the Strawberry, Mocha, Apple and Vanilla before putting everything away to charge. They taste great and give me good flavor! Definitely glad I chose to go with My 7s.

  8. Awesome Refills
    bethany Posted on 10/23/12
    Product Rating

    I love using the refills! It's nice to try new flavors! So far Menthol is my favorite. It is nothing like a methol cigarette which is great. Its minty and almost has a hint of vanilla, so smooth and great! one of my favorite flavors!

  9. Awesome flavors!
    Hayden Posted on 9/11/12
    Product Rating

    I like the variety! So far my favorite is Strawberry, I just ordered Apple so we'll see! They last a while too!

  10. Lots of Vapor!
    Harry Posted on 9/1/12
    Product Rating

    Kristin StanvilleJanuary 9, 2012 I have tried several kinds of ecigs but this is the most like smniokg a cigarette that I have tried. The flavor is a little bit funky and leaves a bit of an aftertaste but I got used to it. Lots and Lots of vapor! I like this one.

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