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Micro Stealth Kit

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 Product Description


With its original black 2-piece system and convenient operation, The 7's Stealth Kit is the premier discreet electronic cigarette kit.

Save Money

The SS Choice 7's Stealth Kit is the perfect option for the user looking for a low cost introduction to rechargable electronic cigarettes.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Based on SS Choice Research & Development, the finest quality components are the result of our ongoing innovative designs and patent pending circutries. Not all electronic cigarettes are the same. Discover the 7's Electronic Cigarette Advantage.

LED Changing Switch

Our batteries are one of the most dependable in the market. They hold a charge, consistently deliver power, and are very easy to recharge. The Stealth's changing switch offers the most revolutionary form of concealment with the smoker's option of a glowing Amber LED or NO light at all!

Cartomizer Refills

Liquid Nicotine is housed, with special seals, at the tip of our 7's Micro Cartomizers - pre-filled and contain liquid Nicotine equivalent to approximately one pack of tobacco cigarettes. Each Cartomizer 2 Pack delivers up to 1000 puffs in a variety of SS Choice's proprietary blends specially formulated to produce a great tasting flavor. Cartomizers are disposable - when depleted, simply toss the component and replace it with a new one!

Battery Skins

SS Choice's stylish self-adhesive Skins offer a variety of designs, made with "3M¨ Technology for a perfect fit! Easy to apply, SS Choice Skins are the creative option to suit an individual's preference.


  • 2 Stealth Micro Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries with LED switch - Off/Amber
  • 6 Cartomizers - Your Choice of Flavor
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 2 Camo Skins
  • 2 Black Skins

*The Stealth Kit includes a USB charger only. USB Wall Adapters are sold separately.

The 7's Cartomizers and Batteries in this kit utilize a 308 thread.

 Product Reviews

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  1. Finally!

    Posted by anonymous on 7th Aug 2014

    20 years of a pack a day, and nothing worked to quit, even prescriptions. I got this kit a few months ago and stepped down my nicotine use with it. I'm happy to report that as of tonight, it's been 1 week since I had nicotine! I just came to the site again to order another kit for a friend... and to order some NON nicotine fluid... you know, for emergency cravings. BTW, customer service is great... I had a defective charger, and they replaced it right away, no problems!

  2. Big and flashy or stealth?

    Posted by Brad in NC on 7th Aug 2014

    I have been using the stealth for over a year now. I fell off the wagon a couple of times and went back to tobacco smokes, mostly because the opprotunity presented itself and I didn't want to "bother" rechargeng the stealth. It was only a cop-out and now I am back to the stealth. I feel better when I use it and I don't think I will be going back to the tobacco. Mostly because tobacco is too hard to take once you get used to the cool easy smoking vapor the e-cigs provide. I would reccomend the 7 stealth to anyone who just wants to "smoke" without drawing overt attention to their activity. The stealth doesn't have a glowing end (you dont see a light anyway it is for others to look at) and it does not have as big a cloud when you puff, but it provids all the satisfaction even a hard core smoker needs.

  3. Unique

    Posted by anonymous on 6th Aug 2014

    Don't want to look like everyone else? The 7s Stealth kit lets you customize the way you look while smoking an e-cig. With a wide variety of skin covers for the battery and carrying case/pack you can express yourself with unique designs to stay ahead of the curve. Also 7s products are of the highest quality around. The Stealth is another winning product by 7s.

  4. Life Saver

    Posted by Sgt Emery (Iraq) on 5th Aug 2014

    Most of my work is done at night. Use mine all the time. Can smoke inside the vehicle without the crew complaining about the smell. Perfect for those tense moments just before busting down doors of terrorists' homes. If you ain't CAV you ain't .................... Be home soon.

  5. it works

    Posted by anonymous on 5th Aug 2014

    just got mine in today, now its the end of the day...the nicotine definitely is there. very cool style, easy to use.

  6. Perfect Buy!!

    Posted by Yovanny on 31st Jul 2014

    This is my first E-Cig and I love it!!
    The Camo skins are perfect, and the option to turn the light off is even better!
    Good work!

  7. Definitely getting these

    Posted by Wlad from Michigan on 25th Jul 2014

    I was just thinking about this a couple of days ago - no lights, no fumes, perfect! I'm definitely getting these for my next trip to the "Stan"; wish I had this when I was over there last year. So far all I've been extremely satisfied with 7 products and most of the other products sold on this site so this is on my next list of items to get!

  8. Awesome alternative to tobacco

    Posted by Jon K. on 25th Jul 2014

    I'm really glad to have come across this alternative to tobacco. The upsides are: cost, I'm paying roughly 1/4 what I paid in tobacco. I think my costs are the equivalent to one dollar for a pack of traditional cigarettes. I no longer have to run outside for a smoke. The cons are: it's not readily apparent when your cartridge runs dry. You'll have to get a feel for that. I've been using the 7s for three weeks now, and I've consumed 4 packs of cartridges (20 cartridges). I would recommend this to anyone looking for an alternative to tobacco.

  9. Excellent!

    Posted by April on 23rd Jul 2014

    Exactly what I wanted and now no more chemical filled cigs!!!!

  10. I Love It I Love It I Love It

    Posted by Proud Army Wife on 22nd Jul 2014

    I have been smoking my Stealth Ecig for a week now... just came back on to purchase no nicotine cartridges and I have to say .... YOU NEED MORE TO CHOOSE from PLEASE ... I am going to stop smoking with these but it is nice knowing that if I "think" I need a normal cig I can have my e-cig so please please please get more non nicotine cartridges and I will be back for more !!!!

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