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One Kit

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This 7's One kit is the perfect option for the user looking for a low cost entrance into electronic cigarettes. The two-piece pre-filled system delivers the user the maximum amount of vapor with unmatched consistency and flavor. Each kit includes 2 tubes ( 4 cartomizers total ) in your choice of Tobacco, Menthol or Blueberry flavor. Each Cartomizer is the equivalent to approximately 25-30 cigarettes, and the batteries last for approximately 275 puffs per charge.

Save Money

The SS Choice 7’s One Kit is the perfect option for the user looking for a low cost introduction to rechargable electronic cigarettes.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Based on SS Choice Research & Development, the finest quality components are the result of our ongoing innovative designs and patent pending circutries. Not all electronic cigarettes are the same. Discover the 7’s Electronic Cigarette Advantage.

Rechargeable Battery

Our batteries are one of the most dependable in the market. They hold a charge, consistently deliver power, and are very easy to recharge.

Cartomizer Refills

Liquid Nicotine is housed, with special seals, at the tip of our 7’s Micro Cartomizers (pre-filled) and contain liquid Nicotine equivalent to approximately one pack of tobacco cigarettes. Each Cartomizer 2 Pack delivers up to 1000 puffs in a variety of SS Choice’s proprietary blends specially formulated to produce a great tasting flavor. Cartomizers are disposable - when depleted, simply toss the component and replace it with a new one!

Battery Skins (Not Included)

SS Choice’s stylish self-adhesive Skins offer a variety of designs, made with 3M® Technology for a perfect fit! Easy to apply, SS Choice Skins are the creative option to suit an individual’s preference.


  • (1) Micro Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery with Amber LED
  • (4) Cartomizers - Your Choice of Flavor
  • (1) USB Charger

*The One Kit includes a USB charger only. USB Wall Adapters are sold separately.

The 7's Cartomizers and Batteries in this kit utilize a 308 thread.
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Customer Reviews

  1. Great starter kit
    Mabel Posted on 2/25/13
    Product Rating

    Bought this starter kit for my Mom to quit smoking. She has tried various brands of e-cigarettes and this is by far her favorite.

  2. Unbeatable price
    Jessica Posted on 2/14/13
    Product Rating

    A great starter kit, unbeatable price, gotta try it. This makes it so much easier to quit smoking. About the price of four packs but u can use this over and over. If you enjoy this one you should think about upgrading to the hybrid model.

  3. Making the change
    Frank Posted on 1/17/13
    Product Rating

    I have been a pack a day smoker for over 30 years. It has been only 4 days since I tried my first e-cig. I liked it so much that I found this 7's starter kit at a local smoke shop. I went ahead and purchased a 30ml bottle of e-liquid. The first 2 cartomizers have only lasted 2 days. A little disappointed based on the claim of a 2-3 pack equivalent. I then read that 3-4 puffs = 1 cig. This makes sense because with an analog cigarette most of it just burns away between draws or ends up burning up in the ash tray. Ash tray! that will be a thing of the past now.

    Of course, I am finding that smoking e-cigs is a different technique for maximum vapor and taste, at least for me. Have already refilled one cartridge. There is mixed info on the web for how much liquid to use to refill. One showed using 3 drop and another I counted 9 drops.

    This is going to be a great investment and a definite money saving deal.

  4. Wow
    Steve Posted on 12/19/12
    Product Rating

    It really last as long as it says it will... First experience with a disposable e cig called "N joy", said it was good for 2 pks. Stupid thing didn't even last 24 hrs. Decided I did like the concept and went to my local smoke shop and bought the "one" starter kit. That was a week in half ago and just put in my 4th cartomizer. The whole kit was $20.00 cheaper than a carton of cigs and it's been 11 days. Had to charge 3 times total and saved approx. $30 compared to packs of cigs at $3.50 a pk. Thank you 7's for an inexpensive, cleaner way to deal with this hard habit to break.
    FYI: I have smoked cigs for over 15 years and don't plan on going back

  5. Incrdible easy transistion
    John Posted on 11/8/12
    Product Rating

    Could not believe hoe easy it was for me to quit 3 weeks in now I am loving this kit.

  6. Perfect for my husband!
    Kylee Posted on 11/1/12
    Product Rating

    I ordered the one kit for my husband, after he tried out my recently purchased Power Kit. He is a very light smoker and one cartomizer lasted him for over a week, so this kit is perfect for him. He loves the set up, and the Menthol flavor is his favorite!

  7. WOW
    mike Posted on 10/22/12
    Product Rating

    just picked one of these kits up at a tobacco store to try to quit smoking regular smokes..... in 2 days i have smoked less than half as much because i have had this and its awesome! battery lasts and the taste is incredible! LOVE IT! im showing it off and letting ppl try it and they love it too! thanks for an awesome product!

  8. 7s are awesome
    bethany Posted on 10/3/12
    Product Rating

    Used this kit and have not gone back to regular cigs nor will I ever!! The flavors are great!!

  9. Simple and amazing.
    Hayden Posted on 9/11/12
    Product Rating

    Easy to set up, tastes amazing, all I wanted and more :)

  10. awesome
    Brandi Posted on 9/2/12
    Product Rating

    I love this kit! It comes with everything you need!

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