Two Piece Design.

Just twist and go!

Our 2-Piece design couples our all-in-one 7’s Micro Cartomizer and rechargeable 7’s Battery, delivering a smooth, rich taste in a wide variety of great tasting flavors and Nicotine levels.

Power Kit Specs


Power Pack charging case.

The 7’s Power Pack charging case allows you to carry 6 cartridges, 2 batteries, and 2 atomizers all at once. Simply plug in your Battery to one of the charging grips inside the case and the LCD battery indicator on the back of the Power Pack will begin to ascend.

Power Kit Specs


Disposable pre-filled cartomizers.

Cartomizers are an all-in-one liquid chamber and disposable atomizer, delivering fresh tasting vapor puffs each time you inhale.

When the cartridge is depleted you simply replace this entire component with a new one sold in convenient 2-packs.

Power Kit Specs

Easy-to-Read LCD Screen.

Backlit charging indicator.

The on-board blue back-lit LCD screen allows the user to visually see when the batteries and/or the case is charging. The LCD displays the time remaining for a complete charge and also indicates how much charge is remaining while you are on the road, all with the touch of a button.

Power Kit Specs

More Power.

Replaceable case battery.

A first in the industry, we have also provided a user replaceable battery inside the Power Pack case that will enable you to purchase an additional battery for the extra long trips without the necessity of carrying a second case or charger with you.

Power Kit Specs
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