Save Up To 50% Over Tobacco.

No smoke, no ash, no odor!

The SS Choice 7’s Power Kit is designed for the electronic cigarette smoker who wants to take advantage of having a full array of SS Choice products at a cost that saves money.

Power Kit Design

The Smoker’s Smart Choice.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Based on SS Choice Research & Development, the finest quality components are the result of our ongoing innovative designs and patent pending circutries. Not all electronic cigarettes are the same. Discover the 7’s Electronic Cigarette Advantage.

Power Kit Design

Power Pack Charging Case.

Recharge on-the-go!

The 7's brand has developed the largest capacity personal charging case available. When you're out and about, you have the convenience of having everything you need right at your fingertips with the ability to charge your batteries up to 4 times on a single pack charge. The carrying case holds enough to last the average "pack a day" smoker a week.

Power Kit Design

Rechargeable Battery.

Charging case included.

Our batteries are one of the most dependable in the market. They hold a charge, consistently deliver power, and are very easy to recharge.

Power Kit Design

Cartomizer Refills.

Taste the difference!

Liquid Nicotine is housed, with special seals, at the tip of our 7’s Micro Cartomizers (pre-filled) and contain liquid Nicotine equivalent to approximately one pack of tobacco cigarettes. Each Cartomizer 2 Pack delivers up to 1000 puffs in a variety of SS Choice’s proprietary blends specially formulated to produce a great tasting flavor. Cartomizers are disposable - when depleted, simply toss the component and replace it with a new one!

Power Kit Design
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