Power Pack Accessory

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Power Pack Accessory


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Out and about or always on the run?  Our new Power Pack is perfect for anyone who doesn't stay in one place for long and if you're the traveling kind, even if it's just across town, this kit's definitely what you've been waiting on.


With our new Power Pack, you won't ever have to worry about forgetting any of your e cigarette supplies again.


  • (1) Power Pack Charging Case
  • (1) Power Pack Battery
  • (1) USB Charging Cable

About the Power Pack Charging Case:


The 7's brand has developed the largest capacity personal charging case available; it allows you to carry 6 cartomizers and 2 batteries all at once. So, when you're out and about, you have the convenience of having everything you need right at your fingertips with the ability to charge your batteries as many as 8 times on a single case charge. The carrying case holds enough to last the average "pack a day" smoker a week.


The Power Pack Charging Case provides an industry leading 180 degree flip up lid. This small but major improvement in design means no more pinching and pulling at angles to get your components out of the case.

Backlit LCD Screen

The on-board blue back-lit LCD screen allows the user to visually see when the case is charging. The LCD displays the time remaining for a complete charge and also indicates how much charge is remaining while you are on the road, all with the touch of a button.

Replaceable Power Pack Battery

A first in the industry, the internal user replaceable battery in the Power Pack Charging case will enable you to purchase an additional battery for the extra long trips without the necessity of carrying a second case or charger with you.


Unlike other personal charging cases on the market today, the silicone molded grip inside ours means that you won't ever have to worry about any of your components coming loose from the case. They're held tight and don't have room to move around, so your investment gets the protection it needs.

The UV costed semi-gloss finish on the exterior of the case is also scratch resistant, making sure that your case continues to look its best after extended use.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Very happy with this product!
    MDev Posted on 1/10/13
    Product Rating

    Received my Power Pack Accessory and am very pleased with it. I can now carry my e-cigs and extra carts with me to work. This is great, especially as I am in the Navy and can't use the USB features to recharge during the day and avoid having to electrically safety check my A/C Charger.

    On an even better note...my A/C Wall Charger was mistakenly left out of the order but Kelly, the Customer Service Rep, fixed that right away. She was also very helpful in answering some of my questions about the products I received and some concerns on the website. Thanks Kelly!

    All in all...I am very pleased with 7s. They'll continue to keep me as a loyal customer!

  2. Great Product
    Amy Posted on 12/5/12
    Product Rating

    This charger is great. It came in my power pack and I am able to charge my batteries anywhere. It gives me confidence to not carry any real cigarettes on me because my whole kit is right there in my hand.

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