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Skins for Batteries and Cases.

Wide selection and matching sets!

Add style and preference to your 7’s MICRO Carrying Case and/or Batteries for your rechargeable electronic cigarettes with our E-Cig Battery and Case Skins.

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Tons of Designs to Choose From.

Find a skin that fits you best!

Our talented team of designers have brought you an amazing selection of skin designs. From sports and camoflauge to hearts and smiley faces, we have a design for every e-smoker. Vape in style with these high quality skins!

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Matching Sets.

For the truly stylish e-smoker.

We offer most of our skin designs for both our Metal Pocket Case and our Micro Batteries. The amazing flexibility of e-cigarettes! You have already made the switch to an alternative lifestyle, why not have even more fun?

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Skin Your Battery.

Application instructions.

Note: Batteries with skins applied will not fit inside the Power Pack Charging Case Accessory

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