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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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It's our mission to stay up to date with the best e cigarettes, e liquid flavors, vapor products or mods on the market. We pride ourselves in our ability to offer those products to our customers for an affordable and highly competitive price! We are happy to offer only authentic and reliable e cigarette products to our customers such as affordable high end tanks, RDA's, e liquids, and box mods! Our welcoming and helpful customer service is top notch and ready to assist you at anytime.

So come on in and pick up your next setup at a great price today!

If you want the absolute best that electronic cigarettes have to offer, then My7's is your number one destination. My7's has been offering the best electronic cigarette experience for years. We feature the finest quality products and flavors in the industry. Here is a breakdown of the incredible products that we have available to our equally incredible customers.

Fantastic E-Cigarette Starter Kits

At My7's we offer five truly exceptional starter kits. For the user who is just starting out on their electronic cigarette journey we offer the Micro starter kit which is the battery and USB charger. You can purchase any E-Liquid cartridge that intrigues you to get an accurate idea of the experience.

There is the Micro-Refillable kit which features the same contents as the Micro only with a refillable tank. From there we have the very popular Hybrid kit, the Hybrid Pro, and finally the Hybrid Pro XL which is the king daddy of all My7's kits. If you want the starter kit that offers you the complete experience then you want the Hybrid Pro XL.


E-Liquid is the very source of the satisfaction of your e cigarette. E-Liquid is where all of the flavor is contained. The E-Liquid formula varies from company to company, but the basic composition of E-Liquid is usually water, nicotine, and flavoring. You will not find any flavors better than what we offer here at My7s.

My7s features an incredibly large selection of E-Liquid flavors. We have hand crafted artisan flavors along with dozens of different classic flavors. If you are feeling really adventurous then try our Premium E-Liquids which feature bold and delectable flavor combinations. If you are not sure what flavors you wish to start with then you can try one of our variety packs.


In addition to our exceptional electronic cigarette flavors, kits, and components we also carry top notch vape mods. We have high wattage as well as temperature controlled box mods for an amazing price!

My7's is determined to give its customers the best possible electronic cigarette experience, bar none. Our products are created with the highest of standards to deliver the highest of quality. We believe in using nothing but premium quality components and always being at the cutting edge of what electronic cigarettes have to offer. If you want to see what the future of electronic cigarettes is, consider this your backstage pass.


Atomizers are, ostensibly, the engines of electronic cigarettes. Using the power of the battery, the E-Liquid is converted into a special vapor as the user takes a draw. The 7's atomizer is created with the highest of standards. They are precision made with high durability, reliability, and functionality.


When you buy an electronic cigarette, you want it to be able to perform well on every conceivable level. In this regard, we have crafted some of the finest batteries in the electronic cigarette industry. Our batteries are available in multiple sizes and colors. This is all in the name of delivering a fully customized electronic cigarette experience that is unique to your tastes and needs.

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