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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Cobalt Blue Glass Mixing Bottle

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 Product Description

Mix Your Own Flavors.

Mixing supplies.

The 7's Cobalt Blue Glass Mixing bottles come in a variety of sizes and two cap styles. Currently we offer 15mL - .5 oz., 30mL - 1 oz., and 60mL - 2 oz. bottles with standard caps or dropper caps. These bottles make it extremely convenient to store your liquid for longer periods of time and give you the ability to mix your flavors! It is also now possible to mix your e-liquid strengths between high and non-nicotine levels.

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Dressed in Blue.

Longest shelf life.

7’s produces all of it’s E-Liquids in Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles. The advantage of using a blue glass bottle, versus plastic, is to assure the shelf life of the contents.

Easy-to-use dropper.

Along with our Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles, Droppers are also included to allow ease of measurement for filling or mixing!

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Made in the USA.

In-house production.

Here at 7’s we take pride in our in-house capabilities. Not only do we have a highly skilled team that mixes and tests all 7’s proprietary flavors, but we also utilize only the latest, cutting-edge technology to fill and label all of our E-Liquids at our Headquarters. Our hands-on design process and hands-free production line allows for unbelievable flavor and maximum efficiency.

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(1) Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle

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Mixing Supplies
Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle
Child-Proof Cap
Built-in Dropper

15mL, 30mL, 60mL

Fresh as it gets.

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Flavors: Menthol, Menthol Spice, Menthol Smooth, Menthol Black and Menthol Mint..

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Original classic done right.

Strong, bold taste and a smooth, natural flavor. Grab this variety pack to try all of our amazing Tobacco blends. Variety Packs come in High (18mg) Nicotine Strength.

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 Product Reviews

  1. Hi-Quality

    Posted by Daniel Ashcroft on 14th Jul 2014

    This tinted glass bottle with dropper preserves your nicotine solution and makes it easy to refill your cartridge. Most companies use the cheap plastic ones but these are much better. I noticed the nicotine on the plastic ones eventually ate away at the plastic on the bottle, I'm guessing that can't be good for you. I will defiantly stick with these glass bottles.

  2. Quality

    Posted by jessica on 11th Jul 2014

    You can tell the quality of this glass bottle because of the dark tint it has to preserve the integrity of the flavor solution, and it comes with a dropper makes refilling your cartridge easy. The dropper is even glass and not plastic like the cheapo brands I spent the same amount of money on.

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