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Stealth Micro Battery

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 Product Description

Replacement Battery for Micro E-Cigarette. These are 180 Mah batteries made from Lithium Ion that charge fast and hold it for a long time. With one click of the button on the end of the battery, you can switch from an Amber LED to NO LED at all! Contents: - 1 Stealth Battery - 1 Black Skin
The 7's Stealth Micro Battery utilizes a 308 thread.

 Product Reviews

  1. Huge Upgrade From My Last Ecig

    Posted by Valerie on 28th Jan 2015

    +VERY small. Makes for great portability. Can fit in the pocket of my skinny jeans (and I'm a girl).
    +Stealth feature is WONDERFUL. It's very useful when I'm in a place I'm not supposed to be toking in, like a lecture hall or on my "smoke and tobacco free" campus.
    +Drags are smooth, even, and uniform
    +Intuitive. Just inhale.
    +Fast charging time (~2 hours)
    +Aesthetically pleasing

    -Battery only lasts about 24 hours when toking regularly, and that's new. Battery life will only get worse with usage.
    -No way to change the voltage

    I'm new to the realm of ecigs, so bear that in mind while reading.

    I bought my first ecig (eGo-C Twist, or something like that) from a local smoke shop. I asked for the cheapest one and, man, did it show. The tank would leak all the time, I had to change the coil frequently, and it was so big and unwieldy, it was a pain to carry with me and made it difficult to toke discretely.

    I'd only had it for a month or so before the tank broke while I was cleaning it, and I decided I wasn't going to replace it. I had found this site a couple days prior while looking to refill on some of the watermelon e-liquid that I loved so much. I decided to check out their e-cigs and instantly fell in love with the Micro.

    When I researched more, I found the Stealth and chose it because of it's discreteness. I was VERY pleasantly surprised when it came in the mail. It was SO small, smaller than a ballpoint pen with a tank/cartomizer on it!

    I've shown it off to all my smoker friends and they're all impressed too! It was a HUGE upgrade from my last e-cig.

    All-in-all I am VERY pleased with my purchase and can't wait to make more purchases from 7s. If you're looking for high quality toking material, shop here.

  2. Nice Feature!

    Posted by Josh on 25th Jul 2014

    I like to "smoke" when I watch a movie and now I can use my 7s in a theatre without having to make sure I cover the red light with my hand to prevent distracting other movie-goers. The skins are very nice too. Since a stealth battery comes with 2 skins I was able to use the extra skin on one of my other batteries and with the deal they have right now on $200 orders I just ordered a couple more skins for my other batteries. I have been 100% satisfied with all my 7's experiences so far.

  3. What will they think of next?

    Posted by ECig Master on 17th Jul 2014

    I've tried over 20 brands of electronic cigarettes, mostly disposables but also a lot of kits. This is one of the coolest batteries I have ever used . I love the color changing feature, and I've also noticed they make a stealth version which is a little different since it will allow you to turn off the LED entirely. Very slick stuff.

  4. Stealth

    Posted by Lisa on 16th Jul 2014

    I love the black micro battery. Looks so different than everyone else's e-cigs I love it.

  5. Worth every penny!

    Posted by Jordan Laske on 14th Jul 2014

    I am mainly a social smoker, but have recently started smoking more and more. I had seen ecigarettes online before, but didn't think they actually worked. I did a little more research and finally gave in and purchased one. I'm glad I did! I decided to go with the stealth because it looked a lot cooler than the other choices. When it arrived in the mail today, it was in a small box with only a little padding, but was otherwise in perfect condition. The "tobacco" flavoured cartridges don't really resemble any cigarette I have ever smoked, but it is by no means unpleasant. Overall, this is a great product and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in e-cigs. 5 stars!

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