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Have you found your way to our e liquids page because a friend raves about our great tasting flavors? You are not alone! We've been designing flavors since 2009, one of the oldest in the industry. Be sure to check out one of our most popular flavor blends - The 7's Menthol E Liquid, available in 5 strengths with a size option of either 15mL or 30mL. Unlike a traditional menthol flavor, it won't leave a tobacco after-taste or the odor that comes along with tobacco cigarettes. Instead, it's a flavor that can be appreciated all day, everyday, without regret!

Prior to manufacturing, extensive research and development for all 7's flavors combined with precise levels of Nicotine, involve countless trials to assure that the proper blending of ingredients produce a smooth, rich taste. Consistency and uniformity from the first puff to the very last puff incorporate extremely high-grade quality food flavorings that are noticeable to the discerning smoker. The bottom line; we incorporate natural processes to create pleasant tasting e liquids.

We've designed our e liquid flavor line into a set of choices that one could call base flavors. We've done this to make it very simple to understand what the flavor tastes like just by reading the label. Thus, taking out the guess work compared to other brands. Don't make the mistake of under estimating the potency of the 7's e liquid flavors, because you won't be dissappointed! In other words, you won't find a "Snozberry, or a dragons breath" as we aim to cater our flavor options strictly for adult consumers and to keep them simply described. However, with the guess work aside, it's exceptionally easy to pick a variety of base flavors, such as a strawberry and a chocolate to mix them together.

If you are looking for some e liquid mixing inspiration, why not combine some flavors that could create options such as, Orange Berry, Banana Cream, Kiwi Berry, Orange Kiwi, Vanilla Cream, Orange Cola, Mint Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Strawberry Vanilla, Mocha Cream or Cream Rum Amaretto? These flavors can be achieved by just selecting 2 or more applicable flavor and combining them together. Be sure to check out our larger mixing bottles in the e liquid accessories in the mixing supplies section of the store.

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