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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Wholesale Returns

Wholesale Returns

Effective Date: January 1, 2014

Procedure For Returning Product:

  • Contact SS Choice, LLC (“SS Choice”) Elite Customer Service Department, at 877-771-5196, for a “RETURN MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION” (“RMA”).  All product returns must have a RMA.
  • RMA must identify (1) the RMA number (#) on the outside of the return box/container, (2) must include (inside) a list of product(s) for the RMA, and (3) must include (inside) the name of the account, address, and contact information.  Any Return without a visible RMA#, on the outside of a package, will be rejected and not eligible for processing.  All Returns must be tracked for proof of delivery and presented for verification if requested by SS Choice.  Returns without proof of delivery will not be eligible for credit or replacement.
  • “Additional Products” which are not defective will not be issued credit or replacement.
  • Forward Defective Product to:

SS Choice, LLC
525 Commerce Street
Southlake, TX 76092
Attention: RMA #

  • SS Choice shall not pay for freight for the return of product.  If SS Choice Quality Assurance finds product defective, product will be replaced at no charge.  Only product purchased Direct (versus Indirect) from SS Choice is eligible for return and only if determined by SS Choice Quality Assurance to be defective.  No credit or cash for defective product, replacement only.

Product May Be Eligible For Credit If:

  • Product includes the original container/package and found to be defective by SS Choice Quality Assurance.
  • “Partials” are not acceptable unless determined defective by SS Choice Quality Assurance.
  • Product is not more than four (4) months (120 days) past purchase date.
  • Items shipped in error (accompanied by a signed bill of lading) and reported to Elite Customer Service (877-771-5196) within seventy-two (72) hours of receipt.
  • Claims for concealed damage or damaged in shipment must be filed with the Freight Carrier, not SS Choice, within the guidelines and policies of the freight carrier.  It is the responsibility of the account to check with the applicable freight carrier for a copy of their policy & procedures regarding damaged freight.
  • Procedure to return damaged product, prior to return, requires an authorization (no exceptions) by SS Choice Elite Customer Service along with a RETURN MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION.  If necessary, an Elite Customer Service representative will give special packaging instructions.

Product That Is Non-Returnable:

  • Product that is more than four (4) months (120 days) past the purchase date from SS Choice.
  • Modules, Displays or Graphics.
  • Product not purchased Direct (versus Indirect) from SS Choice.  SS Choice reserves the right to request an invoice for verification of Direct purchases.
  • Product returned without an approved/issued/visible “RETURN MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION.”
  • Free Goods (Samples) and merchandise sold on a non-returnable basis or marked as non-returnable.
  • Private Label product.
  • “Partials”, unless determined by SS Choice Quality Assurance to be defective.
  • Overstock merchandize is not eligible for return, credit, cash, or replacement.
  • Product denied by Customs (Domestic or International).
  • Product damaged by, but not limited to, fire, smoke, heat, cold, improper handling, storage, shipping, damaged at a warehouse or store level, or product with broken seals, opened, soiled, disfigured, or consumed.


  • To be prepaid by account/customer, unless shipped in error by SS Choice.
  • SS Choice will refuse returned product that has been shipped “Collect On Delivery” (“COD”).
  • SS Choice will not credit or reimburse tracking charges, additional freight charges, or returned packages without a visible Return Merchandize Authorization on the outside of the returned package. 

 Additional Information Pertaining To Cash, Credit, or Replacement:

  • No cash payouts will be made for returns.  All returns must follow the guidelines, policies and procedures of the SS Choice “Return Goods Policy.”
  • Government issued identification for proof of age for verification, upon request.
  • Indirect product purchases cannot be returned to SS Choice for cash, credit or replacement.  This includes defective product.  Defective product must be returned to where the product was originally purchased.  SS Choice is not responsible for resold merchandise or the return goods policies of a SS Choice account/customer.
  • No cash or credit will be issued for product determined to be defective by SS Choice Quality Assurance, only product replacement; plus, delivery-shipping charges (One-Way by Ground Only) to account/customer, for replacement product only, will be paid for by SS Choice.
  • SS Choice reserves the right to refuse all Overstocks for return.  If an exception for an Overstock Return is considered by SS Choice Elite Customer Service, an Eighty Percent (80%) Restocking Fee will apply with the verification of the applicable invoice, to be submitted by the account, prior to approval and issuing a “RETURN MERCHANISE AUTHORIZATION.”  SS Choice can only approve Overstock Returns and SS Choice is under no obligation to accept or process Overstock Returns.  Credit issued for Overstock Returns will be at the sole discretion of SS Choice.  No product return will be accepted, processed, credited, or replaced without a “RETURN MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION” and SS Choice will not be held responsible for product returned without a RETURN MERCHADISE AUTHORIZATION.”
  • Applicable credit cannot exceed or be greater than (>) fifty percent (50%) of an “Order Total.”


  • Product received by SS Choice that does not meet the guidelines of the SS Choice “Return Goods Policy” shall not be returned and no credit or replacement will be issued.
  • SS Choice reserves the right to refuse return claim(s) in excess of one percent (1%) of a customer’s annual (12 months) gross sales purchases.
  • SS Choice reserves the right to require proof (invoice/receipt) of product purchase related to the SS Choice “Return Goods Policy.”
  • The SS Choice “Return Goods Policy” may be changed to a “Return Goods Allowance”, for Direct Accounts only, by a mutual signed agreement and the terms and conditions of the “Return Goods Allowance” are pre-approved by SS Choice.
  • SS Choice may update the SS Choice “Return Goods Policy” without prior or written notice.
  • The SS Choice “Return Goods Policy” (effective 1/1/2014) is retroactive and supersedes all previous SS Choice Return Goods Policies, oral or written.
  • All customers must be a minimum of 21 years old to purchase SS Choice product.  Anyone under the age of 21 years old is considered a minor and will not be permitted the purchase of SS Choice product.  Purchasers of SS Choice product are agreeing that they are of legal smoking age in their state/town.
  • SS Choice has no responsibility for damage or injury that may occur if any modifications, changes that adapts, limits, qualifies or restricts SS Choice product to a new end or purpose.  Every care has been taken to ensure that the design of circuits and construction of SS Choice products will have no detrimental effect.  Incidental or consequential damages resulting from the improper use of SS Choice product is neither expressed nor implied. 
  • SS Choice product is not for diagnosing, treating, curing or preventing any diseases. All information and statements made are for educational purposes and cannot replace the advice of a health care professional.
  • SS Choice reserves the right to change Company policies, procedures, prices, or any wording of their website and product catalog at any time.

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